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Georgia O'Keeffe (1887-1986) was an American artist.Born near Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, Georgia O'Keeffe received widespread recognition for her technical contributions as well as challenging the boundaries of modern American artistic style. O'Keeffe has been a major figure in American art since the 1920s. She is chiefly known for paintings in which she synthesized abstraction and representation in paintings of flowers, rocks, shells, animal bones and landscapes. Her paintings present crisply contoured forms that are replete with subtle tonal transitions of varying colors.   more from wikipedia »

Pedernal 1942

Sky Above the Clouds 1962-1963

Calla Lily Turned Away 1923

Winter Cottonwoods East V 1954

Bella Donna

Black Hollyhock Blue Larkspur 1930

Abstraction White Rose 1927

Calla Lily Turned Away 1923

Abstraction White Rose 1927

Oriental Poppies 1928

From the Lake I

Lake George Autumn 1927


Red Canna

Black and Purple Petunias

White Camelia

Blue River

Petunias c1925

White Rose W/ Lakspur No2

Blue Morning Glories


Jimson Weed 1932

Black and Purple Petunia 1925

Light Iris 1924

Yellow Cactus

Red Amaryllis c1937

Pansy 1926

Oriental Poppies

Winter Cottonwoods

Green Oak Leaves c1923

Deers Skull with Pedernal

The Red Hills Grey Sky

Poppy c1927

Grey Line

Tan Clam Shell

White Rose with Larkspur

Jack in the Pulpit

Black Iris 1906

Jimson Weed c1935

Poppies 1950

My Back Yard


Red Hills with White Shell c1938

Red Cannas

Purple Petunias 1925

Petunia no 2

Autumn Leaves

Two Jimson Weeds with Green Leaves and Blue Sky


The White Calico Flower c1931