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One of the greatest periods of art history, the Baroque Era began in Europe in the early 1600s. Painting is characterized by drama, rich, deep color, and intense light and dark shadows. Among the greatest painters are Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Rubens, Velazquez, Poussin, and Vermeer. Baroque style was encouraged by the Catholic Church, the largest patron of the arts at the time.   continue on wikipedia ╗ 


Federico Barocci    1535-1612    Italian Painter
Paul Bril    1554-1626    Flemish Painter
Lodovico Carracci    1555-1619    Italian Painter
Agostino Carracci    1557-1602    Italian Painter
Hendrick Goltzius    1558-1617    Dutch Painter/Engraver
Lodovico Cardi (Cigoli)    1559-1613    Italian Painter/Architect
Annibale Carracci    1560-1609    Italian Painter
Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger    1561-1636    Flemish Painter
Francesco Vanni    1563-1610    Italian Painter
Orazio Gentileschi    1563-1639    Italian Painter
Joos de Momper II    1564-1635    Flemish Painter
Francisco Ribalta    1565-1628    Spanish Painter
Georg Flegel    1566-1638    German Painter
Giovanni Baglione    1566-1643    Italian Painter
Michiel Jansz. Miereveld    1567-1641    Dutch Painter
Jan Bruegel the Elder    1568-1625    Flemish Painter
Frans Pourbus the Younger    1569-1622    Flemish Painter
Abel Grimmer    1570-1619    Flemish Painter
Denys van Alsloot    1570-1628    Flemish Painter
Aegidius Sadeler II    1570-1629    Flemish Painter
Hendrik de Clerck    1570-1630    Flemish Painter
Caravaggio    1571-1610    Italian Painter
Paulus Moreelse    1571-1638    Dutch Painter
Rutilio Manetti    1571-1639    Italian Painter
Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder    1573-1621    Dutch Painter
Abraham Janssens    1573-1632    Flemish Painter
Bastiaen Vrancx    1573-1647    Flemish Painter
Hendrik Hondius the Elder    1573-1649    Dutch Printmaker
Hendrick van Balen    1575-1632    Dutch Painter
Giovanni Battista Crespi    1575-1633    Italian Painter
Guido Reni    1575-1642    Italian Painter
Paul Van Somer    1576-1621    Flemish Painter
David Vinckboons    1576-1632    Flemish Painter
Cristofano Allori    1577-1621    Italian Painter
Peter Paul Rubens    1577-1640    Flemish Painter
Adam Elsheimer    1578-1610    German Painter
Bartolomeo Schedoni    1578-1615    Italian Painter
Giovanni Battista Caracciolo    1578-1635    Italian Painter
Vincenzo Carducci    1578-1638    Italian Painter
Francesco Albani    1578-1660    Italian Painter
Peeter Neeffs I    1578-1660    Flemish Painter
Frans Snyders    1579-1657    Flemish Painter
Carlo Saraceni    1580-1620    Italian Painter
Osias Beert the Elder    1580-1624    Flemish Painter
Domenichino    1581-1641    Italian Painter
Frans Francken II    1581-1642    Flemish Painter
Bernardo Strozzi    1581-1644    Italian Painter
Bartolomeo Manfredi    1582-1622    Italian Painter
Giovanni Lanfranco    1582-1647    Italian Painter
Frans Hals    1582-1666    Dutch Painter
Pieter Lastman    1583-1633    Dutch Painter
Cornelis de Vos    1584-1651    Flemish Painter
Gaspar de Crayer    1584-1669    Flemish Painter
Hendrick Avercamp    1585-1634    Dutch Painter
Joost Cornelisz. Droochsloot    1586-1666    Dutch Painter
Claude Deruet    1588-1660    French Painter
Domenico Feti    1589-1624    Italian Painter
Adriaen Pietersz. van de Venne    1589-1662    Dutch Painter
Nicolas Tournier    1590-1638    French Painter
Daniel Mytens   1590-1647   Dutch Painter
Simon Vouet    1590-1649    French Painter
Floris van Schooten    1590-1655    Dutch Painter
Gerrit van Honthorst    1590-1656    Dutch Painter
Jusepe de Ribera    1591-1652    Spanish/Italian Painter
Guercino    1591-1666    Italian Painter
Paul de Vos    1591-1678    Flemish Painter
Jacques Callot    1592-1635    French Engraver
Francois de Nome    1593-1630    French Painter
Artemisia Gentileschi    1593-1652    Italian Painter
Georges de La Tour    1593-1652    French Painter
Balthasar van der Ast    1593-1656    Dutch Painter
Claude Vignon    1593-1670    French Painter
Jacob Jordaens    1593-1678    Flemish Painter
Valentin de Boulogne    1594-1632    French Painter
Francois Perrier    1594-1649    French Painter
Nicolas Poussin    1594-1665    French Painter
Jan van Goyen    1596-1656    Dutch Painter
Jacques de Stella    1596-1657    French Painter
Pietro da Cortona    1596-1669    Italian Painter
Johann Liss    1597-1631    German Painter
Theodore Rombouts    1597-1637    Flemish Painter
Sebastien Stoskopff    1597-1657    French Painter
Pieter Claesz    1597-1660    Dutch Painter
Pieter Jansz. Saenredam    1597-1665    Dutch Painter
Jan van Bijlert    1597-1671    Dutch Painter
Justus Sustermans    1597-1681    Flemish Painter
Daniele Crespi    1598-1630    Italian Painter
Francisco de Zurbaran    1598-1664    Spanish Painter
Gianlorenzo Bernini    1598-1680    Italian Sculptor/Painter
Sir Anthony Van Dyck    1599-1641    Flemish Painter
Francisco Collantes    1599-1656    Spanish Painter
Diego Velazquez    1599-1660    Spanish Painter
Andrea Sacchi    1599-1661    Italian Painter
Francesco Borromini    1599-1667    Italian Architect
Pieter Codde    1599-1678    Dutch Painter
Antoine Le Nain    1600-1648    French Painter
Matthias Stomer    1600-1650    Dutch Painter
Pieter de Grebber    1600-1653    Dutch Painter
Giovanna Garzoni    1600-1670    Italian Painter
Salomon van Ruysdael    1600-1670    Dutch Painter
Alonso Cano    1601-1667    Spanish Painter/Sculptor
Jan Bruegel the Younger    1601-1678    Flemish Painter
Guido Cagnacci    1601-1681    Italian Painter
Philippe de Champaigne    1602-1674    Flemish/French Painter
Abraham Bosse    1602-1676    French Engraver
Claude Lorrain    1602-1682    French Painter
Francesco Furini    1603-1646    Italian Painter
Louis Le Nain    1603-1648    French Painter
Aert van der Neer    1603-1677    Dutch Painter
Pietro Paolini    1603-1681    Italian Painter
Viviano Codazzi    1604-1670    Italian Painter
Adriaen Brouwer    1605-1638    Flemish Painter
Dirck van Delen    1605-1671    Dutch Painter
Pietro Liberi    1605-1687    Italian Painter
Laurent de La Hyre    1606-1656    French Painter
Rembrandt van Rijn    1606-1669    Dutch Painter/Engraver
Jan Lievens    1607-1674    Dutch Painter
Mathieu Le Nain    1607-1677    French Painter
Erasmus Quellinus    1607-1678    Flemish Painter
Cornelis Saftleven   1607-1681   Dutch Painter
Salomon Koninck    1609-1656    Dutch Painter
Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione    1609-1664    Italian Painter
Samuel Cooper    1609-1672    English Miniaturist
Sassoferrato    1609-1685    Italian Painter
Adriaen van Ostade    1610-1685    Dutch Painter
David Teniers the Younger    1610-1690    Flemish Painter
Jan Fyt    1611-1661    Flemish Painter
Hendrik Martensz Sorgh    1611-1670    Dutch Painter
Harmen Steenwijck    1612-1656    Dutch Painter
David Ryckaert the Younger    1612-1661    Flemish Painter
Pier Francesco Mola    1612-1666    Italian Painter
Louis Le Vau    1612-1670    French Architect
Barent Avercamp    1612-1679    Dutch Painter
Pierre Mignard    1612-1695    French Painter
Gerrit Dou    1613-1675    Dutch Painter
Mattia Preti    1613-1699    Italian Painter
Bonaventura Peeters I    1614-1652    Flemish Painter
Jacob van Loo    1614-1670    Flemish Painter
Juan Carreno de Miranda    1614-1685    Spanish Painter
Salvator Rosa    1615-1673    Italian Painter
Eustache Le Sueur    1616-1655    French Painter
Bernardo Cavallino    1616-1656    Italian Painter
Jean Michelin    1616-1670    French Painter
Sebastien Bourdon    1616-1671    French Painter
Thomas Wyck    1616-1677    Dutch Painter
Carlo Dolci    1616-1686    Italian Painter
Gerard Terborch    1617-1681    Dutch Painter
Bartolome Esteban Murillo    1617-1682    Spanish Painter
Emanuel de Witte    1617-1691    Dutch Painter
Sir Peter Lely   1618-1680   Dutch/English Painter
Jan Victors    1619-1676    Dutch Painter
Charles Le Brun    1619-1690    French Painter
Aelbert Cuyp    1620-1691    Dutch Painter
Pierre Puget    1620-1694    French Sculptor/Painter
Israel Silvestre the Younger    1621-1691    French Engraver
Francisco de Herrera the Younger    1622-1685    Spanish Painter
Juan de Valdes Leal    1622-1690    Spanish Painter
Joris van Son    1623-1667    Flemish Painter
Paulus Potter    1625-1654    Dutch Painter
Jan Steen    1625-1679    Dutch Painter
Jan van Kessel    1626-1679    Dutch Painter
Francis Barlow    1626-1704    English Painter
Samuel van Hoogstraten    1627-1678    Dutch Painter
Willem van Aelst    1627-1683    Dutch Painter
Jacob van Ruisdael    1628-1682    Dutch Painter
Francois Girardon    1628-1715    French Sculptor
Gabriel Metsu    1629-1667    Dutch Painter
Pieter de Hooch    1629-1684    Dutch Painter
Jean-Baptiste de Champaigne    1631-1681    French Painter
Cornelis de Heem    1631-1695    Dutch Painter
Ludolf Backhuysen    1631-1708    Dutch Painter
Jan Vermeer    1632-1675    Dutch Painter
Adam-Franz van der Meulen    1632-1690    Flemish Painter
Sir Christopher Wren    1632-1723    English Architect
Jacob Ochtervelt    1634-1682    Dutch Painter
Nicolaes Maes    1634-1693    Dutch Painter
Luca Giordano    1634-1705    Italian Painter
Frans van Mieris the Elder    1635-1681    Dutch Painter
Caspar Netscher    1635-1684    Dutch Painter
David Loggan    1635-1692    British Painter
Jean-Baptiste Tuby I    1635-1700    French Sculptor
Abraham Storck    1635-1710    Dutch Painter
Adriaen van de Velde    1636-1672    Dutch Painter
Melchior d'Hondecoeter    1636-1695    Dutch Painter
Charles de La Fosse    1636-1716    French Painter
Jan van der Heyden    1637-1712    Dutch Painter
Gerrit Adriaensz. Berckheyde    1638-1698    Dutch Painter
Meindert Hobbema    1638-1709    Dutch Painter
Jacob Voet   1639-1700   Flemish Painter
Edwaert Collier    1640-1707    Dutch Painter
Gerard de Lairesse    1640-1711    Dutch Painter
Antoine Coysevox    1640-1720    French Sculptor
Claudio Coello   1642-1693   Spanish Painter
Andrea Pozzo    1642-1709    Italian Painter
Godfried Schalcken    1643-1706    Dutch Painter
Jean Jouvenet    1644-1717    French Painter
Francois de Troy    1645-1730    French Painter
Jules Hardouin Mansart    1646-1708    French Architect
Sir Godfrey Kneller    1646-1723    German/English Painter
Maria Sibylla Merian    1647-1717    German Illustrator
Jan Jansz. de Heem    1650-1695    Dutch Painter
Jean-Baptiste Santerre    1651-1717    French Painter
Johannes Kip    1653-1722    Dutch Printmaker
Gaspar van Wittel    1653-1736    Dutch Painter
Jacobus Vrel    1654-1662    Dutch Painter
Francesco Solimena    1657-1747    Italian Painter
Nicolas Coustou    1658-1733    French Sculptor
Adriaen van der Werff    1659-1722    Dutch Painter
Hyacinthe Rigaud    1659-1743    French Painter
Jakob Bogdany   1660-1724    Hungarian Painte
Alexandre-Francois Desportes    1661-1743    French Painter
Luca Carlevaris    1665-1731    Italian Painter
Giuseppe Maria Crespi    1665-1747    Italian Painter
Donato Creti    1671-1749    Italian Painter
Sir James Thornhill   1675-1734   English Painter
Sebastiano Conca    1680-1764    Italian Painter
Jean-Baptiste Oudry    1686-1755    French Painter
Gaspare Diziani    1689-1767    Italian Painter
Lambert-Sigisbert Adam    1700-1759    French Sculptor
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