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Jan Steen (1625-1679 ) was a Dutch genre painter of the 17th century (also known as the Dutch Golden Age). Psychological insight, sense of humour and abundance of colour are marks of his trade.   more from wikipedia »

The Dissolute Household 1668

Little Round Top

Steen: Quack 17Th Century

Woman at Her Toilet

The Hurdy-Gurdy Player

Two Men Discussing Money in an Office 1672 Copied by Cornelis Ploos Van Amstel

The Twelfth Night Feast

A Village Doctor Tending a Peasants Shin

The Dissolute Household or the Effects of Intemperance

An Allegory of Love

Family Meal

The Syrup Eater

The Christening Feast 1668

The Proposal

The Game Larder

Pedlar Selling Spectacles Outside a Cottage c1650-53

The Patient and the Doctor 1660S

Tavern Interior with Card Players

Peasant Family at Meal Time c1665

The Interior of a Tavern with a Couple Dancing to the Music of a Fiddler

The Satyrs and the Family

The Egg Dance

Family Meal

A Family Saying Grace

Sick Old Man

Physicians Visit circa 1663-65

Grace Before Meat 1660

Skittle Players Outside an Inn circa 1660-63

Feast in an Inn

The Feast of Kings 1660

Joyful Company Under a Crib

The School Master 1626-79

Feast in an Inn Detail of the Central Group 1674

The Wench

The Miser

Peasants and Soldiers Outside a Tavern - an Allegory of the Rape of the Netherlands

Rustic Courtship

Fantasy Interior with the Family of Jan Van Goyen

The Effects of Intemperance circa 1663-65

Beware of Luxury circa 1663

The Card Players

Wedding Party

A Village Wedding Feast with Revellers and a Dancing Party 1671

Little Round Top

A Youth Reading