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Architecture, painting, and other visual arts produced in the Byzantine Empire and in various areas that came under its influence. Byzantine art is almost entirely concerned with religious expression and, more specifically, with the impersonal translation of carefully controlled church theology into artistic terms. Icons, frescoes, and mosaics are important as well as architecture. Byzantine forms were spread by trade and conquest to Italy and Sicily, where they persisted in modified form through the 12th century, and became formative influences on Italian Renaissance art.   continue on wikipedia  


Misc Byzantine Art       
Margaritone d'Arezzo    1216-1290   Italian Painter
Coppo di Marcovaldo    1225-1274   Italian Painter
Cimabue    1240-1302   Italian Painter
Duccio di Buoninsegna    1255-1319   Italian Painter
Pietro Lorenzetti    1280-1348   Italian Painter
Ambrogio Lorenzetti    1290-1348   Italian Painter
Paolo Veneziano    1300-1362   Italian Painter
Andrea di Orcagna    1320-1368   Italian Painter
Tommaso da Modena    1325-1379   Italian Painter
Jacopo di Cione    1330-1398   Italian Painter
Nardo di Cione    1343-1365   Italian Painter
Barna da Siena    1350   Italian Painter
Lorenzo Veneziano    1356-1372   Italian Painter
Andrei Rublev    1370-1430   Russian Painter
Guido da Siena    13th Century    Italian Painter