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Michelozzo di Bartolomeo (1396-1472 ) was an Italian architect and sculptor.Born in Florence, the son of a tailor, he was a pupil of Ghiberti in his early years and later collaborated with Donatello.He worked in marble, bronze, and silver. The statue of the young St. John over the door of the Duomo in Florence, opposite the Baptistery, was created by him; he also made the silver statuette of John the Baptist on the altar-frontal of San Giovanni. In 1428, together with Donatello, he erected an open-air pulpit at an angle of the Cathedral of St. Stephen at Prato. The magnificent Palazzo Medici in Florence, built by Cosimo, was designed by him; it is one of the noblest specimens of Italian fifteenth-century architecture, in which the great taste and skill of the architect has combined the delicate lightness of the earlier Italian Gothic with the massive stateliness of the classical style.   more from wikipedia »