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Expressionism movements primarily originated in Germany and Austria around the time of World War I. Influenced by the Fauves, Expressionism worked with arbitrary colors as well as jarring compositions. In reaction and opposition to French Impressionism which focused on rendering the sheer visual appearance of objects, Expressionist artists sought to capture emotions and subjective interpretations: It was not important to reproduce an aesthetically pleasing impression of the artistic subject matter; the Expressonists focused on capturing vivid emotional reactions through powerful colors and dynamic compositions instead. Kandisnky, Paul Klee, Franz Marc, Modigliani and Egon Schiele make up the most well known Expressionists.   continue on wikipedia 



Emile Antoine Bourdelle   1861-1929   French Sculptor
Edvard Munch    1863-1944    Norwegian Painter
Alexei Jawlensky   1864-1941   Russian/German Painter
Wassily Kandinsky   1866-1944   Russian/French Painter
Lyonel Feininger   1871-1956   American/German Painter
Georges Rouault    1871-1958    French Painter
Otto Mueller   1874-1930   German Painter
Paul Klee   1879-1940   Swiss Painter
Franz Marc   1880-1916   German Painter
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner   1880-1938   German Painter/Sculptor
Max Pechstein   1881-1955   German Painter
Erich Heckel   1883-1970   German Painter
Amedeo Modigliani   1884-1920   Italian Painter/Sculptor
Max Beckmann   1884-1950   German Painter
Karl Schmidt-Rottluff   1884-1976   German Painter
Jules Pascin   1885-1930   Bulgarian/French Painter
Oskar Kokoschka   1886-1980   Austrian Painter
August Macke   1887-1914   German Painter
Egon Schiele   1890-1918   Austrian Painter
George Grosz   1893-1959   German Painter
Marino Marini   1901-1980   Italian Sculptor
Francis Bacon   1909-1992   Irish/British Painter
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