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The Hudson River School was a mid-19th century American art movement by a group of landscape painters, whose aesthetic vision was influenced by romanticism. Their paintings depict the Hudson River Valley and the surrounding area, as well as the Catskill Mountains, Adirondack Mountains, White Mountains of New Hampshire, as well as some of the West. "School", in this sense, refers to a group of people whose outlook, inspiration, output, or style demonstrates a common thread, rather than a learning institution.   continue on wikipedia  


Thomas Doughty    1793-1856    American Painter
Asher B. Durand    1796-1886    American Painter
Thomas Cole    1801-1848    English/American Painter
Fitz Hugh Lane    1804-1865    American Painter
Thomas Chambers    1808-1866    English/American Painter
John Frederick Kensett    1816-1872    American Painter
Martin Johnson Heade    1819-1904    American Painter
Thomas Worthington Whittredge    1820-1910    American Painter
William Louis Sonntag    1822-1900    American Painter
Jasper Francis Cropsey    1823-1900    American Painter
George Inness    1825-1894    American Painter
Frederic Edwin Church    1826-1900    American Painter
Thomas Hill    1829-1908    English/American Painter
Albert Bierstadt    1830-1902    German/American Painter
Samuel Colman    1832-1920    American Painter
Francis A. Silva    1835-1886    American Painter
Alfred Thompson Bricher    1837-1908    American Painter
Thomas Moran    1837-1926    English/American Painter