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An illustration is a visualization such as a drawing that stresses subject more than form. The aim of an illustration is to elucidate or decorate. The "Golden Age" of illustration in Europe and America took place in the late 1800s as mass market magazines, and illustrated books had become the dominant media of public consumption. Under the influence of the Pre-Raphaelite painters and emulations of hand-printing techniques by the design-oriented Arts and Crafts Movement, americans such as Edmund Dulac, Arthur Rackham, Walter Crane and N.C. Wyeth created works which often carried an ethos of neo-mediaevalism and took mythological, fairy-tale or adventure story subjects.   continue on wikipedia  


Maria Sibylla Merian   1647-1717   German
Georg Dionysius Ehret   1710-1770   German
Isaac Cruikshank   1756-1811   English
James Gillray   1757-1815   English
John James Audubon   1785-1851   West Indian/American
George Cruikshank   1792-1878   English
William Heath   1795-1840   English
Theodore Lane   1800-1828   Illustrator
John Leech   1817-1864   English
Edward Lear   1818-1888   English
Frederick Richard Pickersgill   1820-1900   British
Sir John Tenniel   1820-1914   English
Felix Octavius Carr Darley   1822-1888   American
Henry Heath   1824-1828   English
Richard Doyle   1824-1883   English
George Du Maurier   1834-1896   British
Thomas Nast   1840-1902   German/American
C.M. Coolidge   1844-1934   American
Walter Crane   1845-1915   English
Randolph Caldecott   1846-1886   English
Kate Greenaway   1846-1901   English
Leslie Ward   1851-1922   British
Edwin Austin Abbey   1852-1911   American
Howard Pyle   1853-1911   American
Maurice Leloir   1853-1940   French
Louis John Rhead   1858-1926   French/American
F. Cayley Robinson   1862-1927   British
Jessie Willcox Smith   1863-1935   American
Edward Penfield   1866-1925   American
Arthur Rackham   1867-1939   English
Charles Dana Gibson   1867-1944   American
Charles Robinson   1870-1937   American
Maxfield Parrish   1870-1966   American
Aubrey Beardsley    1872-1898    English Illustrator
Howard Chandler Christy   1873-1952   American
J.C. Leyendecker   1874-1951   American
Ivan Bilibin   1876-1942   Russian
Harrison Fisher   1877-1934   American
James Montgomery Flagg   1877-1960   American
C. Coles Phillips   1880-1927   American
N.C. Wyeth   1882-1945   American
Edmund Dulac   1882-1953   French
Willy Pogany   1882-1955   Hungarian/American
Edward Julius Detmold   1883-1957   English
Frank R. Paul   1884-1963   Austrian/American
Harry Clarke   1889-1931   Irish
Dean Cornwell   1892-1960   American
Norman Rockwell   1894-1978   American
Josef Fenneker   1895-1956   Illustrator
Alberto Vargas   1896-1982   Peruvian/American
M.C. Escher   1898-1972   Dutch
Saul Steinberg   1914-1999   Romanian/American
Misc Illustrations