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Mannerism was a period of European art which emerged from the later years of the Italian High Renaissance around 1520. It lasted until about 1580 in Italy, when a more Baroque style began to replace it, but continued into the seventeenth century throughout much of Europe. Stylistically, Mannerism encompasses a variety of approaches influenced by, and reacting to, the harmonious ideals and restrained naturalism associated with artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and early Michelangelo. Mannerism is notable for its intellectual sophistication as well as its artificial (as opposed to naturalistic) qualities.  continue on wikipedia 



Michelangelo   1475-1564    Italian Painter/Sculptor
Girolamo Savoldo   1480-1548    Italian Painter
Sebastiano del Piombo   1485-1547    Italian Painter
Domenico Beccafumi    1486-1551    Italian Painter
Jacopo Sansovino   1486-1570    Italian Sculptor
Correggio    1489-1534    Italian Painter
Baccio Bandinelli    1493-1560    Italian Sculptor
Rosso Fiorentino    1494-1540   Italian Painter
Jacopo Pontormo   1494-1556    Italian Painter
Giulio Romano    1499-1546    Italian Painter
Jan Sanders van Hemessen   1500-1566   Flemish Painter
Girolamo Bedoli   1500-1569    Italian Painter
Benvenuto Cellini   1500-1571    Italian Sculptor/Goldsmith
Agnolo Bronzino   1503-1572    Italian Painter
Girolamo Parmigianino    1503-1572    Italian Painter
Francesco Primaticcio   1504-1570    Italian Painter/Sculptor
Andrea Palladio   1508-1580    Italian Architect
Francesco Salviati   1510-1563    Italian Painter
Jean Goujon    1510-1565    French Sculptor
Francois Clouet    1510-1572   French Painter
Giorgio Vasari    1511-1574    Italian Writer/Painter
Niccolo dell'Abbate    1512-1571    Italian Painter
Jacopo Tintoretto   1518-1594   Italian Painter
Luis De Morales   1520-1586   Spanish Painter
Antoine Caron   1520-1598    French Painter
Luca Cambiaso   1527-1585    Italian Painter
Paolo Veronese   1528-1588    Italian Painter
Federico Barocci   1528-1612   Italian Painter/Printmaker
Taddeo Zuccaro   1529-1566    Italian Painter
Giambologna    1529-1608    Flemish/Italian Sculptor
Giuseppe Arcimboldo   1530-1593    Italian Painter
Sofonisba Anguissola   1532-1625    Italian Painter
Alessandro Allori   1535-1607   Italian Painter
Vincenzo Campi   1536-1591   Italian Painter
Germain Pilon   1537-1590    French Sculptor
El Greco   1541-1614   Greek/Spanish Painter
Bartholomeus Spranger   1546-1611   Flemish Painter
Jacopo Ligozzi   1547-1627    Italian Painter
Palma Giovane   1548-1628    Italian Painter
Francesco Bassano the Younger   1549-1592    Italian Painter
Hans von Aachen   1552-1615    German Painter
Otto van Veen   1556-1629    Flemish Painter
Leandro Bassano   1557-1622    Italian Painter
Cornelis van Haarlem   1562-1638    Dutch Painter
Abraham Bloemaert   1564-1651   Dutch Painter
Joachim Wtewael   1566-1638    Dutch Painter
Giuseppe Cesari   1568-1640    Italian Painter
Giovanni Crespi   1575-1633    Italian Painter
Jacques Callot   1592-1635   French Engraver
Fontainebleau School   16th Century    French