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The Northern Renaissance refers to Northern European art (or more broadly in Europe outside Italy), combining the influence of the Gothic tradition with the new ideas of the Renaissance. Specifically, there was a flowering of Dutch and Flemish (Netherlandish) art in this period, with works rich and detail and religious symbolism. These artists include Albrecht Durer, Hieronymus Bosch, and Pieter Bruegel the Elder.   continue on wikipedia  


Master Bertram    1340-1414   German Painter
Hubert van Eyck    1370-1426   Flemish Painter
Robert Campin   1375-1444   Netherlandish Painter
Jan van Eyck    1395-1441   Flemish Painter
Stephan Lochner    1400-1451   German Painter
Rogier van der Weyden    1400-1464   Netherlandish Painter
Petrus Christus    1410-1473   Netherlandish Painter
Dieric Bouts the Elder    1415-1475   Netherlandish Painter
Enguerrand Quarton    1420-1466   French Painter
Simon Marmion    1425-1489   French/Flemish Painter
Michael Pacher    1430-1498   Austrian Painter
Michael Wolgemut    1434-1519   German Painter/Printmaker
Hans Memling    1435-1494   Netherlandish Painter
Martin Schongauer    1450-1491   German Painter
Hieronymus Bosch    1450-1516   Netherlandish Painter
Gerard David    1460-1523   Netherlandish Painter
Bernhard Strigel    1460-1528   German Painter
Tilman Riemenschneider    1460-1531   German Painter/Sculptor
Hans Holbein the Elder    1465-1524   German Painter
Jan Provost    1465-1529   Flemish Painter
Matthias Grunewald    1470-1528   German Painter
Jean Bellegambe    1470-1535   Netherlandish Painter
Albrecht Durer    1471-1528   German Painter/Engraver
Lucas Cranach the Elder    1472-1553   German Painter
Jan Mostaert    1472-1555   Dutch Painter
Hans Burgkmair the Elder    1473-1531   German Painter
Master of the Saint Ursula Legend    1475-1500   Flemish Painter
Hans Suss von Kulmbach    1476-1522   German Painter
Jean Hey (Master of Moulins)    1480-1500   Flemish Painter
Albrecht Altdorfer    1480-1538   German Painter
Hans Leonhard Schaufelein    1480-1540   German Painter
Simon Bening    1483-1561   Flemish Manuscript Illuminator
Niklaus Manuel    1484-1530   Swiss Painter
Hans Baldung Grien    1484-1545   German Painter/Printmaker
Joachim Patinir    1485-1524   Flemish Painter
Joos van Cleve    1485-1540   Flemish Painter
Bernaert van Orley    1488-1541   Flemish Painter
Marinus van Reymerswaele    1490-1567   Flemish Painter
Josse Lieferinxe    1493-1508   Flemish Painter
Barthel Bruyn the Elder    1493-1555   German Painter
Lucas van Leyden    1494-1533   Dutch Painter
Ambrosius Benson    1495-1550   Flemish Painter
Jan van Scorel    1495-1562   Dutch Painter
Hans Holbein the Younger    1497-1543   German Painter
Maerten van Heemskerck    1498-1574   Dutch Painter
Adriaen Isenbrant    1500-1551   Flemish Painter
Jan Vermeyen    1500-1559   Dutch Painter
Jan Sanders van Hemessen   1500-1566   Netherlandish Mannerist Painter
Corneille de Lyon    1500-1575   Dutch/French Painter
Pieter Coecke van Aelst    1502-1550   Flemish Painter
Pieter Aertsen    1508-1575   Dutch Painter
Lucas Cranach the Younger    1515-1586   German Painter
Frans Floris    1516-1570   Flemish Painter
Jan van der Straet    1523-1605   Flemish Painter
Pieter Bruegel the Elder    1525-1569   Flemish Painter
Theodor de Bry    1527-1598   Flemish Designer/Engraver
Master of Female Half-Lengths    1530-1540   Dutch Painter
Lucas van Valckenborch    1530-1597   Flemish Painter
Jacques de Gheyn    1532-1582   Dutch Miniaturist
Joachim Beuckelaer    1534-1574   Flemish Painter
Hans Eworth    1540-1573   Flemish Painter
Joris Hoefnagel    1542-1600   Flemish Manuscript Illuminator
Frans Francken I    1542-1616   Flemish Painter
Frans Pourbus the Elder    1545-1581   Flemish Painter
Nicholas Hilliard    1547-1619   English Miniaturist
Pieter Brueghel the Younger   1564-1638   Flemish Painter
Roelandt Savery    1576-1639   Flemish Painter
Misc Northern Renaissance Works