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Orientalism refers to the imitation or depiction of aspects of Eastern cultures in the West by writers, designers and artists, and can also refer to a sympathetic stance towards the region. In the nineteenth century painting the numbers of Oriental scenes greatly increased. In many of these works the myth of the Orient as exotic and decadently corrupt is most fully articulated. Such works typically concentrated on Near-Eastern Islamic cultures. Artists such as Eugene Delacroix, Jean-Leon Gerome and Auguste Dominique Ingres painted oftentimes romantic depictions of Islamic culture, often including lounging odalisques, and stressing lassitude and visual spectacle.   continue on wikipedia  


Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres   1780-1867   French Painter
Horace Vernet   1789-1863   French Painter
David Roberts   1796-1864   Scottish Painter
Eugene Delacroix   1798-1863   French Painter
John Frederick Lewis   1805-1876   British Painter
Amedeo Preziosi   1816-1882   Italian Painter
Eugene Fromentin   1820-1876   French Painter/Writer
Frederick Goodall   1822-1904   British Painter
Jean-Leon Gerome   1824-1904   French Painter/Sculptor
Alberto Pasini   1826-1899   Italian Painter
Leon Belly   1827-1877   French Painter
Jean Lecomte du Nouy   1842-1923   French Painter/Sculptor
Georges Clairin   1843-1919   French Painter
Jean Andre Rixens   1846-1924   French Painter
Edouard Debat-Ponsan   1847-1913   French Painter
Frederick Arthur Bridgman   1847-1928   American Painter
Rudolph Ernst   1854-1932   Austrian Painter
Ludwig Deutsch   1855-1935   Austrian/French Painter
Giulio Rosati   1858-1917   Italian Painter
Etienne Dinet   1861-1929   French Painter
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