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Pointillism (or Neo-Impressionism) was a post-impressionist movement that involved breaking color into its basic elements, by painting in very small and regular dots. From a distance the multiple dots form an optical mixture of color. The best known example of this form are the paintings of Georges Seurat and Paul Signac. See also: Post-Impressionism   continue on wikipedia  


Camille Pissarro    1830-1903    Caribbean/French Painter
Henri-Edmond Cross   1856-1910   French Painter
Giovanni Segantini    1858-1899    Italian Painter
Theo van Rysselberghe   1862-1926    Belgian Painter
Paul Signac   1863-1935   French Painter
Georges Lemmen    1865-1916    Belgian Painter
Giuseppe Pellizza Da Volpedo   1868-1907   Italian Painter
Misc Pointillist Art       
1859-1891   Georges Seurat   French Painter