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Rococo is a style of 18th century French art and interior design, at first associated with the court of King Louis XV (1715-1774). Rococo rooms were designed as total works of art with elegant and ornate furniture, sculptures, ornamental mirrors emphasizing shell-like natural curves, and complimentaing paintings. Rococo painters used delicate colors and curving forms, sometimes decorating their canvases with cherubs and myths of love. Portraiture was also popular.   continue on wikipedia 

Some typically Rococo artists are Fragonard, Boucher, Watteau and Tiepolo
The Rococo style was largely supplanted by the Neoclassical style.



Francesco Trevisani    1656-1746    Italian Painter
Nicolas de Largilliere    1656-1746    French Painter
Sebastiano Ricci    1659-1734    Italian Painter
Alessandro Magnasco    1667-1749    Italian Painter
Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini    1675-1741    Italian Painter
Giacomo Amiconi    1682-1752    Italian Painter
Giovanni Batista Piazetta    1683-1754    Italian Painter
Jean-Antoine Watteau    1684-1721    French Painter
Jean-Marc Nattier    1685-1766    French Painter
Giovanni Battista Pittoni    1687-1767    Italian Painter
Francois Le Moyne    1688-1737    French Painter
Nicolas Lancret    1690-1743    French Painter
Charles-Antoine Coypel    1694-1752    French Painter
Corrado Giaquinto    1694-1765    Italian Painter
Jean-Baptiste Joseph Pater    1695-1736    French Painter
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo    1696-1770    Italian Painter
Canaletto    1697-1768    Italian Painter
Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin    1699-1779    French Painter
Charles Joseph Natoire    1700-1777    French Painter
Pietro Longhi    1702-1785    Italian Painter
Francesco Zuccarelli    1702-1788    Italian Painter
Francois Boucher    1703-1770    French Painter
Maurice Quentin de La Tour    1704-1788    French Painter
Pompeo Batoni    1708-1787    Italian Painter
Francesco Fontebasso    1709-1769    Italian Painter
Francesco Guardi    1712-1793    Italian Painter
Allan Ramsay    1713-1784    Scottish Painter
Jean-Baptiste Pigalle    1714-1785    French Sculptor
Etienne-Maurice Falconet    1716-1791    French Sculptor
Bernardo Bellotto    1721-1780    Italian Painter
Sir Joshua Reynolds    1723-1792    English Painter
Jean-Baptiste Greuze    1725-1805    French Painter
Thomas Gainsborough    1727-1788    English Painter
Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo    1727-1804    Italian Painter
Jean Baptiste Pillement    1728-1808    French Painter
Paul Sandby    1730-1809    English Painter
Jean-Honore Fragonard    1732-1806    French Painter
Hubert Robert    1733-1808    French Painter
Claude Clodion    1738-1814    French Sculptor
Anne Vallayer-Coster    1744-1818    French Painter
Luis Paret y Alcazar    1746-1799    Spanish Painter
Antonio Carnicero    1748-1814    Spanish Painter