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Romanticism was an 18th to 19th movement in the arts of Western Europe, particulary England and Germany. In part it was a revolt against Neoclassical and aristocratic norms. It was also a reaction against the scientific rationalization of nature and stressed strong emotion as a source of aesthetic experience. William Blake , J. M. W. Turner and John Constable are closely associated with this movement.   continue on wikipedia  


George Stubbs    1724-1806    English Painter
Joseph Wright of Derby    1734-1797    English Painter
John Henry Fuseli    1741-1825    Swiss/British Painter
Francisco de Goya    1746-1828    Spanish Painter/Printmaker
John Robert Cozens    1752-1797    English Painter
Antoine Berjon    1754-1843    French Painter
Sir Henry Raeburn    1756-1823    Scottish Painter
William Blake    1757-1827    British Writer/Painter/Illustrator
Marguerite Gerard    1761-1837    French Painter
James Ward    1769-1859    English Painter
Antoine-Jean Gros   1771-1835   French Painter
Antoine-Jean Gros   1771-1835   French Painter
Caspar David Friedrich    1774-1840    German Painter
Thomas Girtin    1775-1802    English Painter
Joseph Mallord William Turner    1775-1851    English Painter
John Constable    1776-1837    English Painter
Vasilii Andreevich Tropinin    1776-1857    Russian Painter
Philippe Otto Runge    1777-1810    German Painter
John Sell Cotman    1782-1842    English Painter
Francois Rude    1784-1855    French Sculptor
Benjamin Robert Haydon    1786-1846    English Painter
William Mulready    1786-1863    Irish Painter
Pierre Jean David d'Angers    1788-1856    French Sculptor
Johan Christian Dahl    1788-1857    Norwegian Painter
John Martin    1789-1854    English Painter
Carl Gustav Carus    1789-1869    German Painter
Theodore Gericault    1791-1824    French Painter
Sil'vestr Feodosievich Shchedrin    1791-1830    Russian Painter
Francesco Hayez    1791-1882    Italian Painter
John Linnell    1792-1882    English Painter
Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller    1793-1865    Austrian Painter
Antoine-Louis Barye    1795-1875    French Sculptor/Painter
Eugene Delacroix   1798-1863   French Painter
Richard Parkes Bonington    1802-1828    English Painter
Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps    1803-1860    French Painter
Adrian Ludwig Richter    1803-1884    German Painter
Moritz Von Schwind   1804-1871   Austrian Painter
Samuel Palmer    1805-1881    English Painter
Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze    1816-1868    German/American Painter
Theodore Chasseriau    1819-1856    French Painter
John Ruskin    1819-1900    English Writer/Painter
Eugene Fromentin   1820-1876   French Painter/Writer
Eugene Fromentin   1820-1876   French Painter/Writer
Gustave Dore    1832-1883    French Illustrator
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