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Symbolism was a late nineteenth-century art movement of French and Belgian origin. Symbolism was largely a reaction against Naturalism and Realism. Symbolist painting emphasized fantasy and imagination in their depiction of objects. Artists often used metaphors and symbols to suggest a subject and favored mystical themes. Edvard Munch and Odilon Redon are two famous Symbolists.   continue on wikipedia  


George Frederic Watts    1817-1904    English Painter/Sculptor
George Frederic Watts    1817-1904    English Painter/Sculptor
Pierre Puvis de Chavannes    1824-1898    French Painter
Gustave Moreau    1826-1898    French Painter
Arnold Bocklin    1827-1901    Swiss Painter
Felicien Rops    1833-1898    Belgian Engraver
Hans Thoma    1839-1924    German Painter
Odilon Redon    1840-1916    French Painter
Eugene Carriere    1849-1906    French Painter
Louis Welden Hawkins    1849-1910    French
Mikhail Vrubel    1856-1910    Russian Painter
John White Alexander    1856-1915    American Painter
Max Klinger    1857-1920    German Painter/Sculpto
Giovanni Segantini    1858-1899    Italian Painter
Fernand Khnopff    1858-1921    Belgian Painter
Edmond-Francois Aman-Jean    1860-1935    French Painter
Armand Point    1861-1932    French Painter
Arthur Bowen Davies    1862-1928    American Painter
Franz von Stuck    1863-1928    German Painter/Sculptor
Edvard Munch    1863-1944    Norwegian Painter
William Degouve de Nuncques    1867-1935    Belgian Painter
Konstantin Somov    1869-1939    Russian Painter
Carlos Schwabe    1877-1926    German/Swiss Painter
Misc Symbolist Works