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A British (mid to late 19th century) type of painting of historical/classical subjects inspired by somewhat romanticised visions of Classical Greece and Rome. See also Pre-Raphaelites, a closely associated movement, and Orientalism (focused on the east). The foremost Classicists were Frederick Leighton and Lawrence Alma-Tadema.   continue on wikipedia 



Lord Frederic Leighton    1830-1896    English Painter/Sculptor
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema    1836-1912    Dutch/English Painter
Sir Edward Poynter    1836-1919    English Painter
Albert Joseph Moore    1841-1893    English Painter
John Collier    1850-1934    English Painter
John William Godward    1861-1922    English Painter
Herbert Draper    1863-1920    English Painter
Misc Victorian Classicist Works